Registering with the Practice

Our Practice area covers Leven, Methil, Lower Largo, Upper Largo & Lundin Links

Please read this page FULLY before completing the 2 documents we need.

There are several GP Practices in the area,  you have a choice of which to Register with.  There are 2 GP Practices within Leven Health Centre.  Ourselves, Drs Page, McDonald & Stevenson and Scoonie Medical Practice.  Please note that on the 1st December 2021 the 2 Practices within the Health Centre will merge to become one.  It will be Scoonie Medical Practice going forward.  See our newsletter in the news section for more information. 

We do not register patients already registered with a Practice in the local area because you already have access to health care locally. We would only register you if  you move out of their Practice area into ours.  If you are unsure, or need assistance before completing the registration forms phone the Practice an discuss your application to register.


If you wish to register with Drs Page, McDonald & Stevenson send the form and completed questionnaire to [email protected] 

If for any reason you cannot use the online form phone the Practice and let us know, we can use an alternative format the meets your needs.

We aim to register you within a working day or 2 from receipt of your GPR1 and completed questionnaire.  We process the GPR1 forms as soon as possible.  You are welcome to check at anytime to see if your form has been processed.  When we add you to our system this starts the electronic process of obtaining your medical records from your previous GP.  WE WOULD ADVISE, DUE TO CURRENT DELAYS IN THE SYSTEM, THAT IF YOU ARE REGISTERING FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY WITHIN THE UK (NOT SCOTLAND) THAT BEFORE SUBMITTING YOUR GPR1 TO US, YOU  MAKE A SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST TO YOUR GP FOR A COPY OF YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS.  THIS WILL ENSURE THAT WE CAN GET YOUR RECORDS TIMEOUSLY AS THERE ARE CURRENTLY VERY LONG DELAYS WITH CROSS BORDER RECORDS TRANSFER.